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My Music

If you have ever stumbled across any of my music on the web you may have noticed a few things:

  • The music is  all free.  All of my original music and remixes are licensed under various flavors of Creative Commons license.  This means that you are entirely welcome to listen, share, download, copy, edit,  remix, or cover them – as long as you attribute the source and tell all your friends about me.  Most of the songs are collaborations with other like-minded copyleft artists and generally have a non-commercial restriction. So if you want to use the music or lyrics commercially (ie. make money out of em) you need my permission to do so.  I encourage this – so drop me an email if you have something in mind.  More information about CC-BY-NC licenses can be found here .
  • I’m not a genre snob.  I like and create all types of music. As long as it has emotion,  I don’t care if its classical or death metal.  Music to match your mood I guess. Rather than separating it into genres, I’ve broken down my catalog  into various emotional categories  – eg “Songs about Love” or “Songs with a Story” or “Songs with a Conscience” – just to name a few. Click on the category cloud on the right hand side menu to select these.
  • Drop me an email or comment and (time permitting) I will always personally respond. If you have taken the time to do so, its the least I can do!
  • Wherever possible I’ve included the lyrics for the songs. Just in case you have a hearing problem or can’t understand my Aussie accent.
  • Some songs are unfinished.  I’ve learnt a long time ago that some things can never be finished.  I could spend years on getting one thing right and it  would drive me to madness.  I enjoy sculpting an idea rather than polishing it up. The creative process excites me, not ironing out the little creases.  A song is meant to convey emotion and feeling, and sometimes if it is at the expense of production values – so be it.

Enjoy the songs.

Scomber x

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  1. February 20, 2012 8:36


    I’m pleased to advise you that I’m using “problems with maria (instrumental)” for one of my videoprojects. I’ve found your track on ccMixter. The video in which we are playing your track is made for a video competition in Switzerland. The track ID is mentioned in the closing credits of the video. As soon as the competition is finished, I’m gonna send you the link of the video.

    Thanks in advance and kind regards

    Christian Flückiger

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