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Live at the ccM Convention

Last year I put together a “live” show at the fictitious ccMixter annual convention.
It brought together some of the brightest lights on ccM and despite being double booked with the Star Trek Convention a great night was had by all.
Unfortunately, we will most probably never be invited back after we trashed the lobby and upset some Japanese tourists.
We managed 8 songs before they pulled the power and moved the party up to my suite.

Featuring yours truly, (I had the keys to the bar – you see)
Brad Sucks, Bill Ray, UnrealDM, Panu Moon, SackJo22, Anchor Mejans, Calender Girl, Admiral Bob, John Anealeo and CiggiBurns.
My head still hurts! Glad we left the tape running though.

Track 1 “Live from the ccM Convention Lobby”

Track2  “Sweet Statutory Luck”

Track3 “Wave of the Day”

Track4 “One More Day”

Track5 “How Lucky we Are”

Track6 “Bad Attraction”

Track7 “Open Wide”

Track8 “Please Stay Still”

Photographic Evidence (before/during/after)

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