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Things I Love, Things I Hate

July 13, 2010

“Things I Love, Things I Hate”

A while ago I enticed my 8 year old daughter, Scomberella into the studio.
I set up a mic and asked her to tell me about the things she liked and the things she hated.

Totally unscripted she rattled off her likes and dislikes, tracking against a fine Do Kashiteru piece.

Scomberella pouring it out

I posted the pella on ccmixter and its been remixed many times (listen at the bottom of this page).

You’d have to agree with me that she packs some emotion behind the mic with a healthy dose of naive bravado.

Her thoughts are somewhat universal. I’m still scared of the dark and don’t like vomiting.  I  don’t fancy  cockroaches either.
I’m not sure about kissing boys at parties on rollerskates though.
When she gets a bit older I’ll be the one waiting in the carpark at discos to pick her up and frightening the crap out of any potential boyfriends. LOL

Things I Love, Things I Hate

These are the things I love
These are the things I hate

I love dogs and cats
but I don’t like black
I hate houses with mouses

and trees with bees
because they sting my knees
as I climb up reaching for my favourite rainbow

I love Barbie
especially when she kisses Ken
I don’t like going to bed
I don’t like showoff boys
or being bored…

I love my Dad
I love my Mum
But I hate my annoying brother.

I’m scared off the dark
I hate scary shadows
My favourite colours are
pink, yellow and blue

I love disco dancing
but I hate boys that make noise
and I don’t like vomiting….

I hate runny ink
and cats that scratch
I love kissing boys at parties
on my roller skates

I love lunchtime at school
but I don’t like homework

I’m scared of the dark
but I love playing in the park

I love Santa Claus
and hot English mustard
but I hate chilli

I hate flies
but I love butterflies
(with teeth)

I love the beach
with sand in my feet

I hate headaches
I love yellow roses
I wish I had a pet unicorn
how I can tie him up on the back lawn

I don’t like cockroaches
I’m scared of heights
and dogs that bite

I love holidays
and my best friends;
Paige and Sophie Brown…

These are the things I love and hate.

Download this song

Remixes of this Song

MC Jack in the Box

One of my favourite remixers and curators of all that is good is my Californian mate MC Jack in the BoxHere he puts Scomberella in a seedy Jazz Club. I’m in the back alley sitting in the car waiting for the child protection agency to swoop lol.


I was equally impressed with ccmixter artist and fellow Aussie Debbizo when she created a father/daughter mashup with a song I wrote for Scomberella for her 7th Birthday.

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